Social Justice Warrior-in-Chief

Perhaps you thought that Obama had been a U.S. Senator, or an Illinois state senator, or even a “community organizer.” Nope. His true nature, which many of us already realized, was that of a social justice warrior. Not just any SJW. Oh, no. Obama was the Social Justice Warrior-in-Chief.

This was revealed in two commutations by Obama yesterday. It’s hard to know which was worse: commuting the sentences of traitor Bradley (this week, Chelsea) Manning or the murderous, unrepentant thug Oscar López Rivera. Both actions are a poke in the eye for patriotic Americans and, for that matter, for any who believe in justice.

Much like another cause celebré of the Left, convicted (and also unrepentant) cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, The difference is Obama, for all his attempt to be the Social Justice Warrior-in-Chief, couldn’t go that low.

Now that Obama is in his final hours as president, he need not worry about pleasing anyone but himself. And it should now be clear that what you see now is what you’ve always had as our president these past eight years: A hard core leftist elitist who pretty much hates anyone who doesn’t buy into a hard-left agenda.

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