Federal Election Takeover?

The Daily Caller has a scary piece, titled “Democrats And Republicans Unite To Rescind Last-Minute Obama Order Seeking Federal Election Takeover.” What’s scary is, of course, not Democrats and Republicans uniting. It is a Department of Homeland Security order that seeks to start the process of a federal takeover of all elections in the United States.

This was a deadly and serious attempt to federalize all elections. Now, if I were a Russian hacktivist working for Vlad, I’d be drooling at the prospect of having a fully-automated, centralized and online election system for all elections in the United States. One-stop shopping, comrades!

Don’t doubt that the “progressives” would wish to impose “progress” on us poor benighted Deplorables living in the hinterlands. For our own good, mind you. Part of that “progress” would be full “modernization” of the election process. In every precinct in America. Fines and full-blown federal Department of Justice goon squads to parachute in for enforcement.

One may only hope that the Trumpkins understand enough about Federalism and have sufficient literacy in our Constitution to know that this move, which would very quickly be followed by other encroachments, would be something only a far-left administration would ever contemplate.

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