Justice denied

My memories of basic criminal law may be hazy, but isn’t the commission of a crime by a felon that results in a death the very definition of “felony murder?”

Felony murder does not require intent or motive. In this case, the perpetrator was, by virtue of repeated illegal entries into our country, a felon. He was also responsible, by his voluntary actions, for holding a weapon which was discharged without intent to harm. Allegedly without intent or motive. But with or without intent or motive, this at least meets the common law definition of involuntary manslaughter, if not felony murder. At least in sane jurisdictions.

So here we have a “sanctuary city” declaring at least some Federal laws null and void in their jurisdiction. With deadly results. Sounds somewhat similar to the 1832 Nullification Crisis

So, how was the South prior to the Civil War wrong to attempt to nullify laws they did not agree with, while San Francisco and other outlaw liberal enclaves are right? Oh, right. Liberals are always virtuous and pure; Southerners, by definition, are evil.

Yes, yes, slavery was evil. Of course. And we were right to end it by force of arms (yes, imagine that: violence does have some uses). But is it not also evil to allow illegal immigrants, who by definition have not been vetted and many of whom are criminals in their native countries, to roam freely in your city?

At the very least, this demonstrates that liberals in charge of sanctuary cities don’t have much regard for the rights of their actual American citizens.

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