Senator Martha McSally

Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona appointed Martha McSally to the U.S. Senate today.  She will serve (at least) for the remainder of the late John McCain’s term.  Chances are she’ll run again in 2020; hopefully better than she did this year.

Fascinating those who would not approve of a Senator McSally because she might not be conservative enough. As a Representative, she was endorsed by the NRA but also has been trashed by what I would characterize as hard-right TownHall. She strikes me as one who would support our military and strong borders.  Which is not at all the same as that “Great, Big, Beautiful Wall.”  That’s enough.

I’m guessing she’ll be a middle-of-the-road supporter for much of President Trump’s agenda.  Assuming, of course, that there is anything to this agenda beyond “Hey, I’m the greatest President ever!”   Also guessing she is unlikely to vote against any thing important because of any personal gripes with Trump (cf. Jeff Flake and John McCain).

Final point: how many folks who sling about “RINO” as an insult use the term to denote disagreement with Donald Trump? Not even close to the same thing, people.

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