One promise kept?

With the announced withdrawal of some 2,000 American troops from Syria, Donald Trump may have made a down payment on at least one promise: to disengage from various s***holes around the world. May have.

Naturally, Trump declared victory over ISIS as his rationale. Perhaps. But there are other realities on the ground in Syria. On this one, Trump has ignored the advice of one man who knows a lot more about the situation than Trump (SecDef Mattis) and gotten the approval of two of the flakier members of Congress: radical lefty Rep. Barbara Lee and the perpetually annoying Sen. Rand Paul.

Those who might also be applauding? The mullahs in Iran and Vlad Putin, who both know that without any American forces on the ground, they’re much more able to accomplish their mischief.

It comes down to Trump being Trump: making a declaration of winning, even if we haven’t won anything, and making sure that he gets any credit. Regardless of the source.

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