So long chaos

Andrew McCarthy has a very persuasive argument for us leaving Syria up at NRO. According to McCarthy, the problem, past, present, and future with any intervention in Syria by us is…drum roll, please…Islam in its radical jihadi form. From his article:

What is most persuasive is history. Even the Russians, as brutal as they can be and usually are in warfare, were stalemated in Afghanistan against al-Qaeda. Yes, Syria is not Afghanistan. But it is Islamic, and it harbors the same intractable minority (possible majority?) of Muslims who will be only too glad to kill us infidel Americans.

It has been 17 years since 9/11 and 25 years since radical Islam declared war against the United States by bombing the World Trade Center. Yet, head firmly in the sand, we continue to discuss such catastrophes as Syria as if the most critical fact on the ground, the power and prevalence of sharia supremacism, did not exist. Consequently, we subscribe to delusional history (Obama created ISIS) and make policy around the resulting storylines.

My conclusion? The only really bad result of Trump’s peremptory withdrawal from Syria is that we’ll be leaving the Kurds high and dry.

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