Not-so adorable bunnies

Started watching the Netflix-BBC remake of Richard Adams’ fable, Watership Down. Having read a couple of reviews, I knew going in it was no longer a sweet children’s tale. No, this (so far) is dark. As in, likely at truer portrait of what it might actually be like to live life as a rabbit.

Violence and possible death lurk around every bend, and when you are a rabbit, well, let’s just say you’re not like Monty Python’s killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. You are pretty much defenseless against most common predators: foxes, dogs, sharp-beaked birds, and, yes, even house cats.

All that said, on its own terms, Watership Down is a dark drama about courage, survival, and striving. In short, a very human story. Well worth your time. And, no, Donald Trump isn’t the villain of tale. At least not yet…

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