Until we have a wall?

Don’t think I’d hold my breath. Donald Trump, stamping his feet like a five-year old who’s been deprived of a sweet treat, lets Democrats (and the rest of us) know that the partial government shutdown will continue “until we have a wall [or] fence.”

Note that face-saving “[or] fence.” Like many of Trump’s absolute pronouncements, this threat is vaporware. As in, it will not survive contact with reality.

What reality? The partial government shutdown will mostly be noticed by the (relatively) few visitors to national parks who can’t go to the bathroom or see the National Christmas Tree up close. In short, the overwhelming majority of the general public will not notice that there is a shutdown if they don’t see it on the nightly news.

The people who will not just notice the shutdown but be adversely impacted by it? Affected federal and contractor employees who depend on the timely arrival of their paychecks and deposits.

Feds will ultimately get paid, after the shutdown in resolved. Some government contractors may not be paid. They will be financial casualties of the five-year olds pretending to be our leaders: Trump, Charles Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi.

My prediction? Adults in both parties will realize that the shutdown has no real point, and that if Congress appropriates some monies for border security, it will not matter what Trump calls the result. “Wall,” “fence,” “barricade,” whatever. The amount appropriated? It won’t matter much, either. Trump will declare victory, regardless of the fact he’s been stymied in one of his stupider promises: that there’d be a “Great, Big, Beautiful Wall” and that Mexico will pay for it. Uh huh.

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