How ’bout that bridge you’re selling…

Donald Trump now tells us that “workers affected by the partial shutdown wanted him to fight for the wall.” Quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the president went on to say (fantasy dream sequence to follow)

“Many of those workers have said to me and communicated, ‘Stay out until you get the funding for the wall,’ ” Mr. Trump said without providing examples of such support. “These federal workers want the wall.”

It’s likely that some furloughed feds could be found who really, really care about building the “Great, Big, Beautiful Wall.” Common sense says there wouldn’t be many, though.

Contrary to some public opinion, most feds (based on my long service with the Navy and civilian agencies) don’t exactly have heaps of cash lying around so that they’re able to weather a month or so without their pay.

Look, I think that solid barriers at our southern border are both needed and useful. And I suspect that virtually any other president would have already cut a deal with Congress. But the Democrats (and some Republicans) remain, childish in their own way, die-hard opponents of Donald Trump. If he’s in favor of something, anything, they’re against it.

The solution? Trump will get some funding for “border security,” declare that parts of the wall are already built, and then declare that he won. Just ignore the facts, and you might just believe him.

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