Mayor Mike to President Mike?

Mayor Mike Bloomberg

The Wall Street Journal seems to like the idea of former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg running on the Democratic ticket for president in 2020.

Mr. Bloomberg would be a welcome addition to the Democratic field, offering some centrist views on crime, education and perhaps even taxes and spending. As for campaign spending, the more the merrier.

The Journal goes on to suggest that Mayor Mike, who just spent some $100 million of his own money supporting Democrats during the recent mid-term elections, might just spend $1 billion on his own presidential campaign.

Sounds crazy, but that’s what it’s likely to take. And, unlike Donald Trump’s unverified claims for great wealth (current estimate is about $3 billion), Bloomberg can actually prove that he’s worth north of $40 billion.

In the for what it’s worth department, Mike Bloomberg was elected to three terms as mayor of New York City. He must’ve been doing something right.

It’s early days in the 2020 presidential cycle, but I’d suggest that Bloomberg would win against Trump. Handily. Why? Trump would run a campaign of childish insults with little truth. Bloomberg could, if he chose, run against Trump’s lies, policy reversals and twists, lack of success on his central campaign promise (what wall?), corruption, sleazy lawyers and others Trump has hired, etc. etc.

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