The Least shall be First

The Least being one of the many, many candidates who will be vying for the Democratic nomination in 2020: Elizabeth Warren. This story at Fox (yes, yes, tool of Satan, etc.) lists the ways in which Sen. Warren, while first, will likely not prevail. Makes sense to me.

Donald Trump needs to run against someone the voters think is more unpleasant than he is. Hillary Clinton fit that bill. Liz Warren likely does not, although she is somewhat less than pleasant. And, as a plus for an insult maven like Trump, she’d be oh so easy to mock.

But that’s just not likely to happen. However, never count ideologues out when socialism is on offer. My hope is that the Democrats double down on crazy, and nominate a far-left candidate who is pimping for “Medicare for all” and other, unaffordable snake oil. Love to see their faces when the Congressional Budget Office issues their funding estimates for universal Medicare. Trump will have a field day, and I think he’d win.

On the other hand, if Dems recover their sanity and nominate a more centrist candidate who has some proven electability (e.g. Mike Bloomberg or Sen. Amy Klobuchar), Trump’s likely to lose. Big.

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