Character is Destiny

First attributed to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, the statement “character is destiny” may sound to many as fatalism. As in, what happens to you in life really isn’t your fault, it’s “fate.” And, I understand that “fate” is another way of expressing “destiny.” At least in the ancient Greek.

But I’m not Greek, nor a philosopher. And, on this, I’m with Mitt Romney. A man’s character ought always to reflect his honor. Those who lack honor, also lack what I would call good character.

Mitt Romney has gained many self-identified Republican haters with his truth-telling. Truth can be a hard thing; it does not allow for dressing it up and calling it something else.

While the Ever Trumpers and other Trump sycophants and acolytes will be quick to denounce any Republican who dares criticize their Jedi Master Donald, I say: speak truth, always. Be a naysayer as needed. Let the emperor know when he’s not wearing any clothes.

Trump is a man of low character. He is not loyal to subordinates who he chose. At the time of choosing, his appointees were outstanding, the best of the best. Two examples of how not to treat subordinates? How he publicly derided and degraded Jeff Sessions; how he summarily fired, in the most public way, a man who stands head and shoulders above Donald Trump in personal courage and, well, for want of a better term, manliness: retired Marine Corps General James Mattis.

Trump’s addiction to lying in order to make himself look good (or others look bad), his lack of loyalty, his shady and sleazy business dealings and the slimeballs he has brought close (Cohen and Manafort come to mind). All add up to a man who is a fluke president.

Trump’s administration has done some very good things, despite all of this. But his lack of character may very well have torpedoed his chance for re-election. It’s reasonably certain that Trump himself bears the lion’s share of responsibility for the massive Republican losses in the mid-terms, both nationally and in states.

We can do better. For the sake of our nation, I hope we can. Trump may drive me to vote for a Democrat, for the first time since 1964 (yes, I’m that old).

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