President Joe?

Former Vice President Joe Biden is a Democratic Everyman. He’s the epitome of a machine politician, a guy you’d like to have a beer with. I know I would; we could trade old-guy witticisms and have a lot in common.

Right about now, when all sorts of leftist Democrats are drooling at the thought of running for president, Joe Biden is starting to look, well, for want of a better word…presidential.

Hey, stacked up against lightweights like “Beto” and bomb-throwers like Warren (‘ol 1/1024th), Spartacus, Kamala, etc, he looks like a good choice to go up against Trump.

As may be seen, e.g. this Politico article, Biden appears to have decided to take his chances in 2020. Now, as I said, I’d like to have a beer with Joe Biden. But I doubt I’d vote for him.

Joe Biden as president? I don’t think so. Biden has been on the wrong side of just about every important issue since Reagan was president. And that’s a whole lot of wrong.

Joe Biden only looks good by comparison with the Dems making the most noise right now. But these mokes mostly just make Donald Trump not look so bad. But, if the Democrats are rational, they’ll nominate someone like Biden.

Or, better, perhaps with a (relative) moderate such as Amy Klobuchar. If they do come up with someone who is relatively moderate and articulate (hey, that’s not Joe Biden, but he’s got charm to compensate) barring bad things in their background that surface, they will beat Trump. But right now that’s a fairly big “if.”

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