Nailed it

President Trump gave a short (about 8 minutes), strong speech on the need for better border security. “Better border security” is something that ought to be universally agreed to, given events of the past year or so. And given the many millions of people who are in our nation illegally, it ought also to be universally accepted as necessary.

The Democrats response was weak tea, indeed. Both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi did not look at all happy to be doing what they were doing. And they appeared to be a little scared to me.

Trump was forceful without bombast. He was concise; he did not do his usual bloviating and insulting shtick. In two words, he won. Chuck and Nancy came across as partisan and much more concerned about a shutdown that is meaningless to the vast majority of Americans than about protecting our borders.

If only Trump can keep on being presidential…

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