LiLpoH, standing for Life, Liberty, & the pursuit of Happiness. 

We Americans have a republic that was born in battle against those who would rule us imperially, without our true consent. Whether from London, or Washington, D.C. And that my blogging is a small way of reminding us of what we should all hold dear.

My name is John Rich.  My roots are both Boston (Dad) and New York City (Mom). Yes, I root for the Yankees, but also the Bruins, Celtics, and the Pats.  No apologies.

I’m a national security grunt, now retired. My heroes were those who stood tall for liberty: George Washington, James Madison, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson among them.  The modern leaders I most admire?  Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill, and John Paul II, all of whom knew how to deal with tyrants.

Our task as Americans is to at least attempt to live up to our Founders’ ideals of defending life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To me this means that our government should protect us from enemies, foreign and domestic (hmm, sounds like an oath I swore…). And little else.

Individual liberty, free markets, private property, limited government. Along with a healthy dose of personal responsibility for one’s actions. It’s worked for us so far, although liberals have been chipping away at it since they were One-Worlders in the Wilson administration.

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  1. Nice blog. balanced and committed to shed light.
    It’s a pleasure to read, in sharp contrast with the self delusions of other blogs on similar subjects 🙂

    Take care.

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