Don’t you know who I am?

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, winds up today, with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) set to give the keynote address. CPAC is a favored target of the mainstream media, and they will no doubt have fun making fun of some of the featured speakers (e.g. Donald Trump and Sarah Palin).

On that point, it is not unusual for those who lack ideas of their own, or whose ideas have been tried and failed, to resort to personal animonsity and ad hominem attacks. After all, if you can’t argue the facts, destroy your opponent. It is the Alinsky Way: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

Sen. Cruz is a favored target of the Left, for a lot of reasons. Firstly, he is Hispanic and conservative. Doesn’t he know that he’s part of a permanently oppressed minority? He must’ve skipped school when that truism of the Left was taught.

Secondly, Ted Cruz does not seem to know who his betters are. Why, that arrogant pup had the audacity to school the sage of San Francisco, Dianne Feinstein, that the Second Amendment to our Constitution might actually mean what it says.

In what should become a classic show of hubris, Feinstein went into full “Don’t you know who I am?” mode when Sen. Cruz just would not kowtow to Her Royal Highness. You may, or may not agree with Sen. Cruz. On the matter of the Second Amendment, I certainly do.

But if you don’t agree with him, a suitable response isn’t what Feinstein did. It would have been to address the point made, cooly and logically. This is apparently not possible with some liberals.

Speaking of impressive Cuban Americans (Cruz), check out this CSPAN segment featuring another impressive Cuban American Al Cardenas. He is the Chairman of the American Conservative Union, the sponsor of CPAC, and here he fields calls from the informed and the clueless. I especially liked the caller on the Democrat line (one self-identifies as Democrat, Republican, or independent by using the appropriate phone number). This obviously uninformed person told Cardenas and the rest of us that opposition to Obama is racist. Why, it must be racist, ’cause, after all, Obama is black and a lot of Republicans are white.

Yep. That must be it. It couldn’t possibly be because Obama’s policies are bad? Not even possibly? Count me as a racist then, if that’s what it means to be supporting limited government and liberty.



Well, that nasty world-ending sequester has been with us going on a full week. And yet the sun still rises, and in the East. The oceans haven’t risen to drown coastal cities, and there are still some polar bears alive. Even the Dems have toned down their apocalyptic predictions of the heinous 2% cut in, now pay careful attention, planned increases in spending authority.

That’s right, fellow citizens: as Obama might say via teleprompter (some of those big words have to be phonetically spelled out, else he’ll say “corpse” when he was supposed to say “corps”) the sequester won’t subtract a “single dime” from government spending relative to last year. No cuts in budget authority, just less of an increase.

Nevermind the facts, we’re going to starve children, not inspect meat, fire first responders, cut the border patrol, and, last but not least, stop running White House tours for visitors to our nation’s capital. What will be protected from that nasty sequester?

Well, all sorts of things. Let’s start with posh vacations for Obama and his family. Senator Mike Lee’s website has a nice compilation of candidates for cutting. Obama partisans, and they are many who have imbibed in the Kool-Aid, will counter that the federal budget is complicated, and those in charge simply don’t have the authority to change things.

To which I say, that stinks on ice. Obama has plenty of authority, cabinet secretaries have all sorts of discretion in how funding is allocated. There are some fiscal boundaries that may not be crossed, of course. For example, funds from a defense authorization may not be used to pay for something out of another funding bloc, say Energy and Water.

But take my word as a former insider who has had to deal with budget priorities in the defense sector: there is plenty of flexibility at the department level to re-allocate resources and change funding priorities.

When we don’t allow Americans into their house, the White House, it is simply due to a failure of leadership. A failure, starting with Obama, to ensure that however small the sequester “cuts” might be, they do the least amount of harm.

Obama is doing his level best to ensure that the cuts, real or merely hyped, will at least be perceived as inflicting the greatest pain. This is the exact opposite of what a real leader would do. It illuminates Obama’s true character.


Hawaii’s governor, Neil Abercrombie, has appointed his lieutenant governor, Brian Schatz, to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the death of Sen. Daniel Inouye.

This is interesting only insofar as it sheds light on Abercrombie’s priorities. First, he ignored the dying wish of Sen. Inouye that U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (D-HI) succeed him. That’s fine; the decision is the governor’s alone to make.

But here’s what Abercrombie said in the broadcast segment that featured his announcement: that this appointment was good for “the [Democratic] Party, the State, and the nation.” He may have said “country,” but that’s not what’s important. It’s the order.

The welfare of the Democratic Party comes before the State of Hawaii and the United States of America. Was this a Freudian slip? Or is this the actual mindset of so many politicians?

Somebody please remind Abercrombie that a United States Senator is a federal official. Not a State of Hawaii official. And lastly, not just a Democrat hack. But then, so many of Schatz’ fellow senators, on both sides of the aisle, are just that.

George McGovern

George McGovern, the 1972 Democratic candidate for president, has been admitted to hospice care. Senator McGovern is 90, and approaching his final days.

While I wish him peace and comfort in his final days, it brought back some memories of a fundamental change in the two parties’ nature.

During the 1972 election, I was still living in Louisiana, and there was zero chance of McGovern taking our state.

I remember that the talk among old timers was that “our Democrats sure have strayed off the reservation.” Recall that 40 years ago, the Democrats in the South were still the party of “segregation forever, integration never!” And, in 1968, just four years earlier, George Wallace beat Nixon soundly. The Democrat, Humphrey, being a Yankee, might as well have been Abraham Lincoln, and came in a far-distant third.

Fast forward to today, and McGovern should take the blame for leading the destruction of the Democratic Party.

All that said, I never thought of McGovern as a bad man. Just very, very out of touch with America. Sadly, he has taken the Democrats with him over the edge.

Give ’em Hell, Barry!

Sounds almost like the great rallying cry during the 1948 presidential election: Give ’em Hell, Harry! Harry Truman was a feisty, unapologetic New Deal Democrat. Unlike today’s Democrats, he also was a great friend of Israel (hey, Harry was a Baptist; it’s what we do), and over-rode his State Department’s Arabists by recognizing Israel the moment they declared their independence.

Fast forward to the Democrat convention this week in Charlotte, and we see how Barry, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama, is rather unlike Harry, in many, many ways. One of those ways came to a head yesterday over the party’s platform.

Now, very few of us, partisan supporters or otherwise, read these dreary documents. Yet they can be instructive. The Democrat platform dropped two fairly significant things, before some of us in the loyal opposition happened to notice and call their attention to them: God and Jerusalem.

Again, as a Baptist, I can see a rather direct connection between those two things. God promised what is now Israel (and, to be complete, all of today’s Jordan) to the Jews. And, roughly 3,000 years ago, David established Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jews.

Jerusalem remains, for Jews and Christians, central to the Jewish state, their capital. More to the point, it is where the sovereign modern state of Israel has its capital. But not to the Democrats today, it would seem.

Hence, reflecting the wishes of our left-leaning president, the Democrats drop the silly, 3,000 year old notion that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Oh, and while we’re at it, why don’t we simply get rid of any reference to God? It detracts from our messiah Barry’s claim to be The One.

Well, while few ever read party platforms, this subtraction gathered quick and negative coverage. So, like roaches when the lights are turned on, the Democrats scurried about, and added back language on God and Jerusalem being Israel’s capital.

Except, as we now know, it didn’t happen quietly or, as the party elders might have hoped, offstage. Nope, there it was, in full view of the cameras, as the bulk of the delegates voiced displeasure with the addition of God and Jerusalem.

The takeaway? Two things. First, today’s Democrats, at least the bigwigs at the convention, are not very pro-Israel or pro-God. This very much includes Obama. Or does anyone out there actually believe that high-visibility things like dropping God and Jerusalem aren’t approved by The One?

The second thing? The Democrats will do and say anything that helps win elections, even to the point of denying that there was ever any change.

I don’t think that Harry Truman would be comfortable as the nominee with this spineless bunch.


Hillary Clinton was right, at least in part: it does take a village, or at least the village idiot, to imagine that this line from a DNC video would resonate with American voters.

The line: “The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To.” This bit of honesty was perhaps unintended. Perhaps. The mindset? Pure Joe Stalin.

We actual Americans don’t “belong” to the government. It is supposed to belong to us, to serve us. Not the Democrat way, of us being mere cogs in the Leviathan state, in which we serve the government.

This is beyond creepy. It is brutal honesty.

Message to Democrats who support this kind of totalitarian thinking: I do not belong to any government. I am a free man. And will vote accordingly.

Keep the Sage…

…please, please, please, keep Joe Biden on the ticket. The Sage of Wilmington, Uncle Joe Biden, perhaps the stupidest man to be elected to the Senate since Foghorn Leghorn. Oh, right. Foghorn never made it to the Senate, but he likely would’ve been a smarter senator.

Uncle Joe is, as they say, gaffe-prone. Usually the mistakes can be laughed off, with a wink and a reference to “our lovable Uncle Joe.” Joe The Sage, however, really stepped in it last week when he talked to a heavily black audience in Danville, North Carolina Virginia.

What Joe did what classic Democrat lowest-common-denominator trash. As the editors of National Review put it,

Biden’s condescending “y’all” and phony mush-mouthed g-dropping suggest a great deal about what he really thinks of the southern blacks he is attempting to buffalo with this embarrassing nonsense. He should be ashamed of himself, and those who associate with him should be ashamed of themselves.

Well, perhaps it’s asking too much for Biden to be ashamed of himself. He is a Democrat politician for life, continually demonstrating how easily fooled the voters in Delaware must have been to keep on electing him. Unless, of course, the First Staters did not actually realize what a dunce Joe is, but that kind of reflects poorly on the state, doesn’t it?

As for the politics of Biden’s outrageous remarks, the NR editors lay the principal blame on the Democrats for tolerating this kind of nonsense:

To suggest as Biden did that Romney’s program has something — anything — in common with slave-trading is vile even by the standards of Democratic campaign rhetoric. That no Democrat of note has spoken up against it is a testament to the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the party and the political movement it represents.

This is not the party of FDR, Harry Truman, and JFK. This is the party of the radical left, the party that will do anything to gain and hold power.

Yes, Joe Biden is an idiot. Those in the Democrat ranks who can still think for themselves are either fooling themselves or are evil to let this kind of nonsense from the Vice President of the United States go unanswered.