American Enterprise Institute
American Spectator
Ann Coulter
Cato Institute
Charles Krauthammer
City Journal
Commentary Magazine
Enterprise Blog
Heritage Foundation
Hoover Institution
Hot Air
Human Events
Laura Ingraham
Michelle Malkin

P.J. O’rourke
Pajamas Media
Rasmussen Reports
Real Clear Politics
Red State
Ann Coulter
Sabato’s Crystal Ball
George Will
Wall Street Journal Opinion
Washington Examiner
Weekly Standard
USS Clueless
The Volokh Conspiracy (Meryl)


Drudge Report
First Things
National Review
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
Jerusalem Post
New York Post
New York Times
[NY] Timeswatch
Real Clear Politics (news portal)
The Spectator (UK)
The Telegraph (UK)
TownHall columnists
US News & World Report
WSJ Opinion Journal
The Washington Post


Acton Institute
Adam Smith Institute Blog
American Civil Rights Institute
American Enterprise Institute
Ayn Rand Institute
The Bible and Interpretation
Cato Institute
Center for Security Policy
City Journal
Claremont Institute
Ethics and Public Policy Center
The Federalist Society
First Amendment Center
Heritage Foundation
Hoover Institution
Hudson Institute
Institute for Justice
The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
Libertarian Party
Mackinac Center
Manhattan Institute
Middle East Media Research Inst.
National Center for Policy Analysis
The New Criterion
Daniel Pipes
The Public Interest
Toward Tradition
The Washington Institute for Near East Policy


Bill of Rights
Declaration of Independence
Federalist Papers
John Stuart Mill writings
Magna Carta
Quotations from the Writings of Thomas Jefferson


Bible Gateway
Anglican Communion
Anglican Domain
Buddhist Studies
Catholic Online
Christianity Today
Sacred Texts (portal)
Southern Baptist Convention
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics

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